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Product Information: Window Stickers

Market your vehicles with the brand that your customers have trusted for over 80 years: Kelley Blue Book® . KARPOWER Online?/font> allows you to configure and print your Kelley Blue Book  and Certified Pre-Owned Window Stickers. You can also configure and print your FTC required Warranties and Buyers Guides.

Window Stickers and Buyers Guides can be ordered directly by calling us at 877-738-3313 or from the "Purchase Window Stickers and Buyers Guides” link.

Certified and Kelley Blue Book Branded Stickers Features
Window Sticker and Buyers Guide Templates
Customize and print Window Stickers and Buyers Guides for single vehicles or for your entire inventory. Last year, nearly 3 million vehicles were sold with Blue Book® Window Stickers!  Take advantage of over 80 years of consumer trust by leveraging the Kelley Blue Book brand on your vehicles.

Click and Print
KARPOWER Online offers you the convenience of pre-built templates to help you get started quickly. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can be ready to print window stickers for your inventory in minutes. KARPOWER Online also offers you the flexibility to add a personalized touch to your new custom template using your own combination of text, color and graphics.  Whipped up something you'd like to use over and over again? No problem. Once you've designed and saved a new template, you can also assign it as a default and relax knowing that every window sticker on your lot will have your custom look and feel and unique messaging on it.

Integrate Kelley Blue Book Values
Customers rely on the Kelley Blue Book Typical Listing Value as a guide to how much they can expect to pay for a vehicle. When you can beat the suggested Blue Book® Typical Listing Value make sure your customers know it by clearly displaying it on your window stickers.   With the ability to print both the Kelley Blue Book Typical Listing value along side your selling price, you have the opportunity to build trust with your customers and add to your arsenal in closing that sale.

Leverage the Kelley Blue Book Brand
Your customers trust Kelley Blue Book and its 80-year tradition of integrity. Research shows that over half of all used car buyers check Blue Book values on Kelley Blue Book's Website (KBB.com) before heading to a dealer.  By leveraging the Kelley Blue Book brand, you immediately increase the level of trust and confidence with your customers.

OEM Certified Window Stickers
Make sure your customers know when a vehicle has been factory certified. By purchasing OEM Certified Window Stickers and printing the vehicle information using KARPOWER Online’s window sticker printing capabilities you can increase consumer confidence and sales.

List of Supported Kelley Blue Book and OEM Certified Window Stickers
Please click on a sticker below to view a sample in a pop-up window.

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Window Stickers and Buyers Guides can be ordered directly by calling us at 877-738-3313 or from the "Purchase Window Stickers and Buyers Guides” link.
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