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Product Information: Vehicle Inventory Management
Manage your inventory through the sales process quickly and efficiently from acquisition to sale. KARPOWER Online’s® easy to use interface allows you to manage multiple vehicle at one time from one screen. With the time saved by using KARPOWER Online you can focus on the more important task of selling cars.
Inventory Features
Trade-In Values
Arm yourself with Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values during the sales process.  Providing your customers with a detailed vehicle breakdown, including the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value, will help to build trust and ultimately make the sales process an easier one.  Plus, when you access the Trade-In Value within KARPOWER Online, you can then save the information and complete the book-in process later should you take that vehicle in on trade.

Carfax© Integration
Consumers know and trust the CARFAX name. With CARFAX Reports, your sales force will have useful tools to help explain a vehicle's history, reassure customers and successfully close the deal while making more money per vehicle. Kelley Blue Book conveniently integrates with your CARFAX account. Instantly view each vehicle's CARFAX status with quick access to the full report.

Fact Sheet
Provide your customers with all the detailed vehicle information they want, along with contact information for your dealer ship and sales representatives. With KARPOWER Online you have the option to print or email a Kelley Blue Book Vehicle Fact Sheet to your customers on demand.  Not only will this document include vehicle information, photos, and asking price, but you can further customize it with your personal message and even include your return email address.  Kelley Blue Book’s Vehicle Fact Sheets ensure that your customers have all of the information they need in order to make their vehicle purchase decision.

Window Stickers
Print and assign Window Sticker templates for multiple vehicles at one time. Market your vehicles with the brand that your customers have trusted for over 80 years: Kelley Blue Book® . KARPOWER Online® allows you to configure and print your Kelley Blue Book  and Certified Pre-Owned Window Stickers. You can also configure and print your FTC required Warranties and Buyers Guides. Learn More

File Exports
Export Vehicle Information to your desktop using KARPOWER Online's File Export Wizard.  With the ability to customize the information included in the file, you can ensure that the data file will meet your needs. Use the step-by-stepguide to help you through the process.

Inline Editing
Inline editing allows you to change both price and mileage for vehicles directly from the inventory screen. Make these simple updates to the inventory screen all in one area, without ever leaving the page.

6 Inventory Categories
Available to help you manage vehicles throughout the sales process and keep your inventory organized for quick viewing.

Advanced Search
KARPOWER Online’s Advanced Search feature allows you to quickly find, sort and view vehicles in your inventory. Search and filter by multiple criteria to narrow down your search to the exact vehicle(s) that you are looking for.

Vehicle Summary
Easily scan the details of your vehicles through the vehicle summary window.  The vehicle summary window is always present to give a quick overview of the vehicle that you are working on.  This also allows you to differentiate between similiar vehicles on the inventory page.

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